Week 2 – Back Into CrossFit
Well, I’m back in CrossFit for at least a month. It’s been a tough couple weeks so far so this should be fun though at the moment my wrist is killing me from last nights WOD. WOD–THE CROSSFIT SQUAD MONDAY 4/15/13 A) Back Squat 5×5 @ 75-80% (for all 5 sets) B) For Time: - 200m run - 10 Deadlifts (245/163) - 20 Toes to Bar - 30 Tuck Jump Burpees - 20 Toes to Bar - 10 Deadlifts - 200m Run Tonight’s doesn’t seem to be too bad but I’m in anyway. I want to have visible abs once again like last time I was into crossfit. I felt like I was beginning to get a little pudgy after the holidays and a couple months off earlier this year.... Permalink
1981 Jeep CJ7
It’s Been Awhile
I know, I know it’s been forever since I updated the site. Honestly I’ve had better things to do like take care of my puppy, hunt down a 1981 Jeep CJ7, get it delivered, fix it and get it (and me) on the road once again. That and Facebook has pretty much taken care of keeping my friend and family up to date as to the world of Damien Komala. Those close to me know last year was pretty much a shit year for me so I do apologize for lack of posts. Here, enjoy a picture of my new... Continue Reading
Spent the Weekend with My Boys
Finally a fairly relaxing weekend hanging out with my pups. I had both puppies this weekend and we spent most of it watching football and The Walking Dead. I got out my big camera one afternoon and just started snapping away. Perks of the weeekend: Notre Dame won in triple overtime, Ohio State killed Illinois and I got to spend a few hours at the pool to get some color back (was feeling a little pale lately). So overall not a bad weekend. I’ll upload all of the puppy photos on Facebook over lunch today or something.... Permalink
The New Gig
So as some of you know, on Friday the 21st of September I started a new job just down the street and things have been super busy lately. So far the job’s going great, still adjusting to the work schedule though. Definitely not used to working till 6pm but it’s nothing I haven’t done before. Lot’s of work to do and little time. The new company is just two and a half blocks down the street so the commute is about the same as when I was working at THAT Agency downtown (above Leila’s). The main drawback right now is... Continue Reading
Feeling a Bit Better
Last Tuesday I overdid CrossFit and seriously hurt my back. Wow, did I. When I woke the following morning I could barely walk it hurt so bad. So I hobbled six blocks to my doctor’s office and made my appointment. That was a hell walk if ever there was one. Turns out I just had a severe lower back muscle spasm which usually happens when a previous injury just over reacts so my entire lower back wasn’t moving and was completely locked up. My posture was close to someone with severe scoliosis, slightly cocked to one side and not upright... Continue Reading
Screen Shot 2012-08-21 at 9.48.47 AM
Looks Like There’s Surf On The Way…Finally
Finally a tropical storm is on the way and according to the Palm Beach Surf Report we should have some decent surf at the end of the week lasting until Tuesday next week. Surf should be maxing out at around 13 ft and the period between swells is looking good to so hopefully, fingers crossed, we get some surf this weekend. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one for sure over the next week or so. Maybe I can even talk my buddy Dan to come down and surf and better yet, maybe get Ramil to come up from... Continue Reading
Ah, Mondays…
When all you want to do is sleep in and be lazy…just like these guys. Whew, life’s been busy lately and I haven’t had much to really say lately on the site so for that, I apologize. If only we had some surf or even a hurricane, that would be something! Right now it’s swelteringly hot and sticky outside. 90% humidity and over 80 every day making it feel close to 100. Just walking down the street it’s a miracle if you’re not sweating within a block. The pups have been growing up so fast and Bishop has finally gotten... Continue Reading
It’s Friday! Not that that really means anything
No real news… just wanted an excuse to post this picture. Hot surfer girl and fellow Chiver.... Permalink
The Feds Found My Laptop!
I got a call from New York yesterday from a Federal Agent who’s working on a massive Internet Fraud case. They found my old 17″ MacBook Pro when they got the guy. Evidently he’s been running the same scam that got me on several other people throughout the United States. So it looks like I’ll be getting my old lappy back next week sometime. He called to confirm it was mine and luckily I still had the serial number written down. The idiot didn’t even take my name off the login screen when I sent it though he did lock... Continue Reading
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