Trip back to Cincinnati
Alex and I survived a long trip back to Ohio for the 4th of July weekend last week. We had a blast visiting family and friends throughout southern Ohio. I was kind of disheartened to see how dead my home town has become. It’s really tough to see a town literally disintegrate more and more each time you go home. I wish my Mom would really consider moving to someplace that has more for her than Lynchburg but somehow I doubt that’s going to happen any time soon. Gallipolis, Ohio was absolutely beautiful. Like a Norman Rockwell painting. I really enjoyed seeing a town that people take pride in and really put money and effort into restoring and improving. Of course I couldn’t go without mentioning all of my old friends in Cincinnati that I had to see. It’s been at least 4 years for most of them…some even as much as 14 years. It was fantastic to see you all and hang out, even if for a brief time while I was in. Sorry to say I didn’t see my sister while I was in Ohio. We had set time aside on Sunday night to do dinner but somehow... Continue Reading
Sloth week
Sloth Week begins this Friday
If you’re obsessed with Sloths (like Alex) I’ll bet you’re going to be completely stoked for this Friday. It’s “Sloth Week” and though I’m not really sure what that’s going to entail, I’m sure it will be a cute week full of “awe, look at how cute that one is”. Here’s the link Sloth Week on Permalink
Warming up for class
My shoulders are going to fall off
Alex and I survived a really tough CrossFit WOD last night and now my right shoulder feels like it’s going to fall off my body completely. I’m hoping it’s not a tear or strain and just muscle soreness and/or fatigue but fuck it hurts. Yesterday it was my left rotator cuff so who knows what’s going on today. At least we’ll be getting DMSO on Wednesday so that should help. In the meantime I’ll suffer till lunch when I can take an Alieve or something. Here’s what we survived: A) Push Jerk: 10 Minutes only to build to a moderately... Continue Reading
Damien Komala
Check Out This Couple
So Alex’s parents were kind enough to invite us to the Annual PBA Ball over the weekend. Thanks guys, it was fun! It gave us a chance get all dressed up and go out dancing (so to speak). Not a bad time considering we were surrounded by the bulks of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. This is just a pre-party shot we took at home before heading out the door.... Permalink
And this is where I work
Yeah, it’s a Mac Desk for sure. At least I have windows and palm trees to look at. Posted for no good reason at all other than eh, I dig my workspace.... Permalink
Sunfest Boat Day
The boat crew took out a big one for Sunfest this year. We did run out of booze by 2:30pm so we had to motor over to another dock, pick up Andrew who was nice enough to pick up some beer and tequila for us, and then motor back to our original spot. It was a good day. We could hear the music, see the concert and didn’t have to deal with the crowds of Sunfest. Probably one of the better ideas Brant’s ever had.... Permalink
Taking some fun shots
Just messing around with the good camera over the weekend. Both of my other sites are in serious need of an update so why not set up a little photo studio in the house and shoot some new profile shots? We got some serious ones, some goofy ones and some that I have no idea what’s going on but it was fun. I have scarcely touched my other sites in a number of years and now that I finally got around to getting them back online it’s time for a major facelift on both. Now I just have to find... Continue Reading
Going back to CrossFit….Again
Today marks another going back to CrossFit day. Alex and I have finally made up our minds and today is the day. She ran this morning and I hit the gym for a light workout. 1 mile run, toes to bar, ab rollouts and some shoulders and pull-ups. I have to save the muscle groups we’ll be hitting tonight as I’m sure it’s going to kick our asses.... Permalink
Jeep Is Making Satanic Numbers
Haha, over the weekend I noticed how close my mileage was getting to my sister Sheizka’s most feared number so, of course I had to snap a shot of it. Don’t worry, we were stopped at a red light.... Permalink
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